Since the real life Indy 500 has been postponed until August, We would like to fill the hole, and create our own race. You can’t imagine how much background work this required, but finally We’re here!

Things you need, to participate:


To keep it as traditional as we can, we would like to run the qualifying as described below. To avoid misunderstanding, read the following lines very carefully!

We would like to stick to the 3 phase system
  1. Pre-qualifying 2020.05.05-2020.05.16) – Offline
    There are 33 cars on the grid in Indianapolis originally. To decide who can enter the event, we would like to ask every contender to send Us a replay file/video, about the 4 flying laps, you have completed. We will calculate the average speeds of those laps, and create our pre-qualifying order. The first 30 drivers will automatically receive their invitation.
  2. Last Row Shootout & Fast Nine (2020.05.21) – Online, LiveStream19:00 CET
    The next two events will decide the starting order of the first three and the last rows. We will invite the 31st, 32nd. 33rd. 34th. 35nd. and 36th ranked drivers from our pre-qualifying order to the Last Row Shootout. They will separately complete the 4 laps qualifying. The last 3 grids will be given to the 3 fastest drivers from this session. Then the Fast Nine session will take place. In this session the first 9 drivers will compete in a qualifying run, to decide the order in the first 3 rows. Each driver will have only one run in both sessions (Last Row Shootout & Fast Nine)!
  3. Indy500 (2020.05.24) – 200+2 laps – Online, LiveStream – 19:00 CET
    The race will begin with a flying start. Before the start, the pace car will lead the field. The pace car will mandate the speed and come into the pit just before the third lap. So the real race distance will be the original 200 laps, with 2 extra warm-up laps. At the start, drivers will need to keep the 2 car wide rows, and the race will start when the pole-sitter crosses the line at cruising speed.

Prequalification Ranking

Plan B, if the rFactor 2 fails us:

Technical problems can happen, especially in eSport. If the manual grid assembly app will fail us, then the TOP 33 drivers need to run a 1 lap qualifying. Each driver will have a single undisturbed lap. The times you manage to achive will decide the starting order. The new qualifying won’t affect the starting procedure.


Nothing, except Auto Clutch.

How to apply?

Send an e-mail to:

The mail should include:

  • Your real name (please use your real name in the game for easier recognition)
  • The replay file from your qualifying run
    • You can send more then one replay, if you are going to set a better average
    • If you are going to send a recorded video, the footage must include a running clock!

Hope to see you on the grid!